Some Canadian hockey fans were very disappointed by Thursday night’s gold medal game at the World Junior Championship, which saw Team USA defeat Canada in a thrilling shootout to win the tournament. But some of those upset fans let their emotions get the best of them and took out their frustrations in a very odd way. Shortly after the game, Toronto Maple Leafs rookie phenom Auston Matthews sent out the following tweet, which we can only assume was in celebration of the Americans winning gold. Matthews is American and grew up in Arizona. The 19-year-old was a member of last year’s Team USA squad at the World Juniors and helped lead the States to a bronze medal in Helsinki, Finland. Regardless, several hockey fans north of the border apparently expected Matthews to forget his nationality and cheer for the Canadians simply because the NHL team he now plays for is in Toronto. As a result, Matthews received a number of tweets scolding him for “betraying” Canada, or something.