Brian Matusz had surgery last month to repair a rectus abdominis tear, an injury he pitched with for the final three months of the 2012 campaign. The rectus abdominis is a large muscle in the center of the abdomen that extends from the ribs to the front of the pubic bone. Matusz is the second player in the organization to undergo a form of sports hernia surgery, joining outfielder Lew Ford, who is now a free agent. The 25-year-old left-hander is expected to be healthy for Spring Training. "It didn't get worse; it actually stayed the same," Matusz said of the injury, which prevented him from sprinting but didn't bother him lifting or on the mound. "[I'm] doing rehab-type work right now. ... Within the next couple weeks, I plan on starting to lift heavy weights again. It's healing pretty quick."