Day One went just fine for the Bruins’ new Patrice Bergeron-Loui Eriksson-Brad Marchand line as far as Marchand was concerned. The B’s resident sniper/rat said he was surprised to see buddy Tyler Seguin dealt this summer but thinks Eriksson will fit in well. “He was good” Marchand said of Eriksson after the first on-ice session of training camp at the Garden yesterday. “The ice was a little tough out there but he’s a great player. He’s shown that in the past and you can see that just by watching him out there. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun playing with him. Definitely no disrespect to Segs (who is a) phenomenal player. We clicked very well. We had a couple of great years together. But Loui is a bit of a different player — very good goalscorer very good playmaker and plays hard in our end. I’m sure he’ll complement us very well and hopefully we can play well together. “It’s great to have this time to get used to each other and learn how each other plays. The more time the better. If (the lines) stay the same then great. Who knows what’s going to be in store for the regular season. But for right now we’re going to use the time to our advantage and really work to get to know each other.” Looking back at the July 4 blockbuster trade made by the B’s and Dallas Stars that featured Seguin and Eriksson Marchand said he never saw it coming. “It came as a bit of a shock” Marchand said. “I think there’s definitely some guys (on the team) who thought we were pretty safe. It was a bit of wake-up call. Every day you’ve got to come and make sure you’re doing the best you can do to stay here. (But) I don’t think anyone really expected Segs to be shipped out that early. It definitely took a little while to sink in. He’s a great young player. You’ve just got to wish him the best.” The Bruins traded Seguin in large part because he had not grown as a player as much as expected during his first three pro seasons. If the No. 2 overall pick in the 2010 NHL draft underachieved the player chosen 71st overall in 2006 Marchand has proven to be one of the great draft steals. In three years as a full-time NHL player he has scored 67 goals to go with 66 assists in 217 games in the regular season and added 16-18-34 totals in 54 playoff games. While his irritating style of play puts him on many NHLers’ short list of most hated opponents he is also sufficiently talented to have earned a spot in Team Canada’s pre-Olympic camp.