If Dodgers manager Don Mattingly is worrying about his job he isn't showing it. But no one could blame him if he's at least wondering about it at this point. With his contract option not picked up anytime during the Dodgers' unprecedented turnaround and run to the N.L. West division title just about everyone else seems to be wondering about it. Mattingly isn't discussing his own situation but one close friend of Mattingly's said he (the friend) is “shocked” that the Dodgers haven't picked up that reasonable contract option for 2014 much less offered him a long-term extension. Others are suggesting the same. Dodgers bosses consistently praise Mattingly when asked about the situation and stress that his contract is a “non-issue” that will be addressed after the year strongly suggesting but stopping a bit short of guaranteeing he'll be back. So it's no surprise the lack of a contract has caught the attention of a lot of folks around the game who wonder if he is quite as safe as one might assume. Dodgers president Stan Kasten said before Game 1 that Mattingly did a “terrific” job guiding the $220-million team through its “stormy weather” early. Meanwhile Dodgers part-owner Magic Johnson in a group interview called “amazing” the job Mattingly did adding flatteringly “Don's been pushing the right buttons. It's paying dividends.” And Kasten told CBSSports.com “He's done a terrific job obviously. We had stormy weather early. But he came through it great leading us on a historic run. And we're all hoping he'll have the same magic touch in the postseason.” There were suggestions a couple months ago Mattingly may have come within a few more losses of being fired when the Dodgers were 30-42 and 9 ½ games out in the N.L. West division they eventually won in a runaway following their shockingly impressive 42-8 streak at one point. How close he came to being canned will never be known. But Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti was thought to have been steadfast in Mattingly's corner throughout the early storm. Still even considering all the seeming support with the reasonable $1.4-million option yet to be addressed there are whispers abut his future throughout the baseball community not just among Mattingly's friends.