Unable to resist the temptation of scratching his biggest itch, Drew Doughty fired another salvo at Matthew Tkachuk Monday.

Two days after his NHL nemesis poked the Kings bear on Hockey Night in Canada, Doughty was essentially asked why the two just can’t bury the hatchet.

“We both know who the better player is, so, if he wants to compliment me first I’ll give him one back,” said Doughty, minutes after suggesting he was “done talking about him.”

It’s the latest in a two-and-a-half-year battle between the two that started with an egregious elbow on Doughty that landed Tkachuk a two-game suspension. What’s followed his been an ongoing exchange of verbal jabs that mirror their violent on-ice re-introductions.

A matchup made in headlines.

They’ve both clearly been nudged by their organizations to stop stoking the fire, but like warring brothers being forcibly separated, neither can stop trying to get the last shot in.

It is, quite frankly, something the league needs more of.

Just as the game itself could use lots more animosity and hatred on the ice, these guys are teaching a lesson on how to spice up a game that is really all about entertainment.

Tkachuk demonstrated that Saturday on After Hours when he was asked about Doughty’s declaration last March that he had no respect for the Flames winger, never would and had no interest in ever talking off the ice.