If you were tracking the progress of Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco at the beginning of their venture into the NFL, you've likely come across some eerily similar statistics over the course of the past five years. Forever destined to be compared to one another, both quarterbacks are now in search of landing multi-year contracts with their respective franchises. Expect an exorbitant amount of cash will be shelled out in the coming offseason. According to John Clayton, both players are targeting $20 million a year. Here's what he had to say about Ryan. The Falcons have initiated contract extension talks with Matt Ryan, who will clearly seek the $20 million target, but he has one playoff win to Flacco's eight. Both entered the league in 2008 and turned their franchises into annual playoff contenders. Playoff victories are the most important aspect to any quarterback's resume, but is it a fair determination of bargaining price? When you look at the body of work in the regular season, Ryan is the better of the two.