Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Matt Murray isn't a fan of labels, titles or assumptions. Murray, who at 23 years old is a back-to-back Stanley Cup champion, goes into training camp this week as the No. 1 goalie ahead of newcomer Antti Niemi and without a hint of controversy because former Penguins No. 1 Marc-Andre Fleury is now with the Vegas Golden Knights. Just don't tell Murray all of that. He's not buying it. "The term 'starting goalie' or 'No. 1 goalie' is just that, a term, something the media uses to anoint a guy that they think is the better goalie," Murray said. "It's what you do that makes you a No. 1 goalie. It's what you do that makes you valuable to your team, not your title." Murray has already done a lot to prove his value to the Penguins in big moments. He did more this offseason than he has in the past to give him a better chance to prove his worth to the Penguins over the course of an 82-game regular season. Injury-prone in his first two NHL seasons, Murray worked with a chiropractor this summer to improve his alignment, which in theory should improve his chances of going through the entire season as the true No. 1 and to stay healthy going into the Stanley Cup Playoffs.