Matt McGloin is the Raiders starter until further notice, while Terrelle Pryor is still in mix. Each week, the question has come up as to whether Matt McGloin has earned the right to start another game. Each week the answer has been the same - yes. That answer remained unchanged this week when Dennis Allen announced McGloin would remain the starter Sunday against the Chiefs. He didn't stop there, however. He said that Pryor would continue to see time in the offense where they can find a package for him. Pryor got in the game for a series last Sunday and drove the Raiders into field goal range. The decision to give Pryor a full series instead of a play here and there seemed an odd one at the time. Many questioned whether McGloin had done something wrong over the first two series to precipitate Pryor's entry into the game to begin the next series. Dennis Allen said it was the plan all along. "Well, it was something that we had planned in the game plan going in. We wanted to put him in the third series of the football game regardless of how things were going. He went in. He moved the team down the field. We were able to get a field goal. Obviously, the plan was to go back to Matt. And then when we started off in the second half we were moving the ball, and we were doing some good thing offensively. So we weren't going to change that. That's something that we'll game plan on a week-in and week-out basis of where we can use him and how we can use him." Sitting out a series may have messed with Matt McGloin's head a little bit because on the following possession, with the Raiders pinned at their own one-yard line, he threw an interception that led to a Jets field goal.