Matt Kemp didn't realize he had 1,000 career hits until he looked up at the video board after slapping a single to center field in the fifth inning. "It's kind of a lot, it's kind of not," Kemp said. "Some great hitters behind me have 3,000 hits. It's hard to imagine getting that many hits." It was hard to imagine Kemp getting to 1,000 for a time. He was hitting .200 as late as April 21 and didn't hit his first home run until April 24. That home run, off New York Mets right-hander Matt Harvey, is still the only one Kemp has hit all season. Kemp says he doesn't care. By going 2 for 3 Sunday against the Miami Marlins, Kemp extended his hitting streak to 11 games. He's hitting .319 during the streak with 11 singles, two doubles, four RBIs and four runs scored. "I'm not worried about hitting home runs," Kemp said. "Never have been. My main concern is getting on base, hitting with runners in scoring position." To tap into his power, Kemp and hitting coach Mark McGwire have been tinkering with Kemp's batting stance. By getting his feet more square to home plate, the thinking goes, Kemp will be able to make better contact on the inside corner.