Former Cubs and current Brewers starting pitcher Matt Garza is having a grand ol' time facing his former team this weekend. Not only has he seen his team take the first two games of the series, but he also gets to talk about how little he respects his old team. First, there was the game Friday. Garza worked seven innings, allowing two runs and picking up his first win of the season (we'll get to that in a bit). Next, there were the post-game comments where Garza discussed the difference between the Brewers and the Cubs (via “It's a lot of fun to win,” Garza said. “You go through three years of constantly hoping, you kind of run out of hope. You come to a team like this, where every day we're going out to win. We're not going out to hope to win. “We're going out with the attitude that we're going to win. It's a lot different. It brings up a lot more emotion, a lot better emotion than hope. It's confidence. That's what we're playing with a lot right now.” Saturday, after another Brewers win, Garza took the time to feel sorry for Cubs starting pitcher Jeff Samardzija (who last started Wednesday and wouldn't be facing the Brewers during this series, but the Cubs beat writers have to have something to write about ... ). Some of the comments, via “All I can tell him is keep pitching; pitch your way out of it,” said Garza. “Keep your eyes focused, your eyes straight ahead and just pitch. There's nothing else you can do.” --snip-- “I told him, ‘It doesn't matter, dude, you play in Chicago,' '' Garza said. “ ‘I was there, and I lost 30 wins in three seasons. It's not your fault. You pitch your way out of there.' ” --snip-- “I'm hoping the best for him because he's a young kid who deserves a shot to maybe go win something,” Garza said. Where to begin? Maybe with the wins. The archaic clinging to the pitcher's win-loss record as the primary indicator of pitcher performance is part of the problem, sure. It's true that Samardzija is way better than his 0-2 record indicates, which is why we shouldn't only look at record. It's also hilarious that Garza is 1-2 right now and actually lost his first start of the season for the Brewers after going eight innings and allowing just one run on two hits. Maybe he should feel sorry for himself, too? As for Samardzija being a "young kid," I guess it's all relative, but he's actually 29. As far as Garza losing 30 wins in three seasons, I have no doubt he was exaggerating, so we'll leave that alone.