I get a lot of questions about Matt Flynn and his contract with the Seahawks, in terms of keeping him, trading him, or cutting him. Which is the best option? Let me start by laying out his contract in the simplest terms: During free agency, in 2012, Matt Flynn signed a three-year contract worth $19.50M. The contract was broken up as follows: $6.0M signing bonus $2.0M base salary in 2012 $5.25M base salary in 2013 $6.25M base salary in 2014 Signing Bonuses are pro-rated over the life of the contract, making his Salary Cap Schedule look like this: 2012: $4.0M ($2.0M pro-rated signing bonus + $2.0M base) 2013: $7.25M ($2.0M pro-rated signing bonus + $5.25M base) 2014: $8.25M ($2.0M pro-rated signing bonus + $6.25M base) Two other keys to the contract are: (1) $10M of the contract was guaranteed, meaning $2M of Flynn's $5.25M base salary in 2013 is guaranteed. (2) There were $7M dollars of incentives, these incentives are unlikely to be met in Seattle, but perhaps could be met playing for some other NFL team.