Matt Cassel has not yet been released by the Kansas City Chiefs. Almost everyone views this a a formality. So much so that folks are already starting to connect Cassel to other teams as the 2013 NFL free agency period nears. The Chiefs could cut Cassel today, clearing space and allowing him a good opportunity to find work elsewhere. Or they could hang onto him for a while and see if he's worth anything in a trade. But they are still expected to release him, and the Minnesota Vikings are the team people are pointing to. Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports Cassel is drawing interest from the Vikings, who would use him to push Christian Ponder. Stephen F. Holder of the Tampa Bay Times reports that the "word among player agents" is that Brady Quinn could go to the New York Jets (which we knew) and that Cassel is a "potential signing" for the Vikings. The Arizona Cardinals are another team folks have thrown around given their (potential) need for a quarterback. Now, we're only slightly ahead of ourselves here considering Cassel hasn't even been released. But that appears to only be a matter of time at this point. Every indication I've seen is that Cassel will be on his way out.