I will admit that leading up to the Super Bowl, I was a bit surprised at how many people are not big fans of Matt Birk. Granted, I do agree to an extent with the argument that, had Birk not bolted for Baltimore in 2009, we would have won the Super Bowl. (After all, the offensive line was the critical weakness that brought us down in the NFCCG- yes, the Saints* were playing very dirty both in intent as well as in the actual plays, but our line should have still prevented a lot of things from happening.) That said, I always considered him a bit of an unsung hero (not amongst Vikings fans, but more along the lines of the general football media), and I always liked how he stood up to Randy Moss during their tenure together here. And he's always been a good standup guy. And yes, that is my opinion- others disagree. Oh, really quickly. I hate that I have to write this but it became a bit of an issue on Ted's Birk vs. Moss post. Yes, Birk disagrees with gay marriage. Yes, he wrote an article outlining why. But you know what, the guy didn't beat up a gay person, he didn't say hateful things about gay people. He just took a fair, open, constitutionally protected free speech stance on the issue, no different than Chris Kluwe. (Actually, it was different in the fact that Sparkle Ponies did not make an appearance.) Heck, as outspoken as he has been on the issue, even Kluwe respected Birk's right to speak his opinion. I don't care where you side on that debate, this is a football forum- nothing else. Feel free to jump on Facebook, Twitter, or go find a political/ social blog to talk about that. This is your one fair warning. Post about it, and I will delete your comment and warn you. Push it and I will lift the mighty ban hammer against thee with a terrible vengeance. (I've yet to do that, don't make me.)