Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz said today that starting cornerback Rashean Mathis did not suffer a concussion but was held out of the game as a precaution. Mathis took a hard hit from Chicago running back Matt Forte near the Bears’ sideline at the end of the first quarter. The medical staffs of both teams attended to Mathis while he lay on the ground for a few minutes. "He was in the facility today worked out" Schwartz said. "He has passed his initial concussion test. "He was never diagnosed with a concussion on the sideline. But during the game there was question whether he was concussed and our people decided to err on the side of caution there. And even though he was never diagnosed with a concussion we just thought it was prudent for him not to go back into the game." Mathis said after the game that Bears doctors thought he had lost consciousness which he disputed. Schwartz said it was ultimately the Lions’ doctors who made the call after getting input from all sources. "I think we’re pretty well documented of being one of the most conservative teams in the league when it comes to concussions. And quite honestly maybe there’s some teams that might have cleared Rashean to go back in the game. But we erred on the side of caution in that case." Schwartz said he was encouraged by Mathis not showing any concussion symptoms today. "And we would expect that unless he has some other sort of setback that he would remain that way" he said.