Philadelphia Flyers defenceman Radko Gudas has once again landed himself in hot water after slashing Winnipeg Jets forward Mathieu Perreault in the head/neck area during Thursday’s game. Perreault, who was not injured on the play, believes the slash was intentional and not a fluke accident as a result of losing his balance. “He apologized in the penalty box, but when you look at the replay it looks like he did it on purpose,” Perreault told reporters after the game. “It wasn’t an accident. I think he’s been known for doing stuff like that. I certainly don’t appreciate it but I’m sure the league will take care of it.” The NHL will likely issue a ruling soon, as Gudas was offered an in-person hearing with the Department of Player Safety on Friday. There is no date or time set yet, but the nature of the infraction as well as Gudas’ history suggests a suspension longer than five games could be coming. The league’s new mandate to crack down on stick infractions will likely factor into the the length of the suspension, too.