In the car rides between the Chargers facility in Costa Mesa and his home in San Diego County, quarterback Philip Rivers can watch play after play in the mobile film room he had built for the season. He has seen the throws — the interceptions against Denver and Kansas City, and the deep strikes to Travis Benjamin and Tyrell Williams — and instead of seeing signs of age, he has been reaffirmed by the tape. “There’ve been quite a few plays where I’ve been, ‘Shoot, you’re still hanging in there alright,’ ” Rivers said. When the Chargers travel to New York to play the Giants on Sunday, fans might get their final chance to see two veterans, intertwined for their careers, who are still hanging in there. Rivers and Giants quarterback Eli Manning were traded for one another during the 2004 draft after Manning refused to play for the Chargers. Rivers and the Chargers are 2-0 against Manning and the Giants. Rivers said he enjoys the link with Manning, who has won two Super Bowls with the Giants. “That’s just what you’d expect with the trade and how it all went down and we’re both still on the same teams. … We’ve both been out there, shoot, almost a combined 400 games in a row. You understand that. … It’s something you appreciate. I’m looking forward to it. You’re not playing the other quarterback but this could be the last time we’re both out there playing each other,” Rivers said. This season, each has thrown six touchdowns and four interceptions and are winless. But, remarkably, they are still on the field.