After pitching a scoreless inning against the Reds on Thursday afternoon at Goodyear Ballpark, Justin Masterson hinted that he could be making progress on a multiyear deal with the Indians. When asked about his impending free agency after this season, Masterson said, “I figure somehow, someway I’ll end up still being here for a few more years.” The Indians have made a mulityear offer to Masterson believed to be in the three- or four-year range. Randy Rowley, Masterson's agent, has has made a counter offer as conversations continue. "We are talking," said Rowley. "The Indians know where we stand and we know where the Indians stand. We'll see if we can get something worked out before the start of the regular season." On Feb. 19, Masterson and the Indians avoided arbitration by settling on a one-year deal worth $9,726,500. The two sides agreed to keep talking about a multiyear deal, but the prospects didn’t seem realistic because of the six-year, $105 million deal Homer Bailey signed with the Reds on March 20. Masterson and Bailey are comparable pitchers in terms of performance and service time. Whereas Bailey gave up his right to free agency at the end of this season, Masterson can still be a free agent after the year.