We've spent plenty of time discussing Marwin Gonzalez around here, before and after the Jed Lowrie trade. It appears he'll be an important building block for this team in 2013, playing plenty of shortstop and splitting time there with Tyler Greene. That injury effectively ended his season and he was still dealing with it in winter ball, when he had a pretty terrible season. How he bounces back from that will be a big factor in his numbers this year. One thing we have failed to touch upon is whether or not Marwin needs to be in a platoon with Greene. Does he have pronounced lefty-righty splits? I that strange for a switch hitter in the first place? Well, yes and no. Usually a switch hitter is better from one side of the plate than the other, as is the case with Marwin. He didn't see much time against lefties last season, so I wonder if he truly has a platoon split or whether the Astros are just putting him in one to get both players some time. Let's explore both his 2012 season and his projections before diving into this split business in greater detail.