Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis believes that rookie running back Joe Mixon still needs to mature after the first-year rusher recently expressed some frustration regarding his lack of carries. Specifically, Mixon was upset with the amount of carries in which he received during the second half of the Bengals’ Week 7 loss to the rival Pittsburgh Steelers, via the team’s official website. “You should show maturity just like everybody else. Everybody wants to be out there all the time,” Lewis said of Mixon. “But we’re not going to create a run when we are down by 12 or 15 [points]. We’re not going to create it. I saw a ball go on the ground when he received two balls thrown to him, which are the same situation. We got to handle it all the time the correct way, and be strong enough to not be led into questions after the game, which unfortunately he doesn’t know enough about.”