The Bengals coaching search might end up being a short one because it sounds like the man who currently has the job might end up keeping it. Despite a report from mid-December that suggested that Marvin Lewis was done with the Bengals, Cincinnati's long-time coach now seems open to a return if he can hash things out with team owner Mike Brown. Although Lewis was mostly evasive with his answers during a press conference on Monday, he did offer a few interesting words when he was asked if it would be fair to say that there's a "mutual interest" between him and the Bengals to continue their relationship next season. "Yes, that would be fair," Lewis said, via the team's official Facebook page. Lewis also sounded open to a return when he was asked if "there was a path that has you as the coach" of the Bengals in 2018. "I think so," Lewis said. "Probably the less said, the better." So what does it all mean? At this point, no one knows for sure. Lewis is in nearly the exact same situation that he found himself following the 2010 season. Back then, he ended up signing a new deal with the Bengals after multiple meetings with Brown. Just as he did in 2010, Lewis coached 2017 knowing that his contract would expire at the end of the season.