Marvin Bagley III looks the part of an NBA superstar in the making. The Duke big man won’t turn 19 until March Madness begins, but his physical attributes look far beyond his age. He stands roughly 6-foot-11. Back in late 2014, Bagley — at the age of 15 — stood 6-foot-9.5 and had a 7-foot wingspan. We won’t know his official wingspan measurement until the NBA Draft Combine, but his arms eliminate so much space on a basketball court. Couple his measurements with an explosive athleticism that leaves defenders far from reaching the heights he can, and executives have the makings of an intriguing prospect. Usually, this kind of big man at such a young age may look extremely raw on a basketball court. There is nothing usual about Bagley. He possesses great hands and has an innate comfort with the basketball. It allows him to catch passes at all angles and catapult himself to finish at the rim. He doesn’t display any awkwardness with the way he moves. While it would be inaccurate to say he moves like a guard at his size, the reality is he moves like a 10-year veteran completely grown into his frame. At the same time, Bagley’s game resembles a star big man from a decade or more ago. He occasionally shoots jumpers and hits 3-pointers. Mostly, he stars in the post and around the basket. His numbers across the board impress. The freshman giant leads the second-best scoring team in the nation in points per game. Bagley leads a gaggle of freshmen and Grayson Allen as the top option on offense. Duke runs the offense through him and uses him as a safety valve quite often.