Thanks James, it's great to be here. Wow... what a ride. Do you know what's better than being an NFL general manager? NOT being an NFL general manager. Seriously. I got so caught up with the whatsits and whosits -- I barely had any time to kick my feet up. Lets see, what have I been doing with my time? Well, I watched a whole lot of movies. Hands down my favorite was 'Silver Linings Playbook'. It dealt with my two favorite topics in the world: Modern dance, and sexual innuendo. I'M JUST KIDDING GUYS! Seriously, it was all about football and loyalty -- those are two things people should always strive for. Always strive for... you hear me Jerry? A lot of people ask me if I'm mad a J-Rich, but I'm not. I always had this feeling in the pit of my stomach that he'd leave me for an older man. Have you seen that silver fox with the Scorsese accent he hired? Hurney can't compete with that! No hard feelings, none at all. Anyway, when James called me and asked if I'd be willing to offer my thoughts on the draft I was in two minds. Obviously I still love talking football, but it was really going to mess up my Wednesday 'Girls' marathon I'd planned. However, I've always been a man of the people -- and if that means rearranging my schedule to catch up on my Dave Matthews Band discography over the weekend, so be it. 1st round: Jonathan Cooper, OG -- North Carolina You say 'we have a left guard', I say 'Hurney don't care!' Nobody had the guts to take Cam Newton with Jimmy Clausen on the roster but me. Oh, we have a middle linebacker? Forget it, we're getting another! Look, this guy fills my two basic criteria: He's local, so he's loyal (unless he's like that Judius Peppers... I made that up) and Mel Kiper loves him. He's a guy I've had my eye of for a while, and I think he can really improve this football team. I'm not really sure how, but he's local and loyal -- so that improves the team by osmosis.