The prime beneficiary from Warriors coach Steve Kerr preaching better ball movement could be Harrison Barnes. Barnes suffered a setback in his second season while playing mostly off the bench for former coach Mark Jackson, who unsuccessfully ran isolation plays through a young forward unaccustomed to playing alongside subs. "Those days at least for me, those are going to be put on hold for quite a while," Barnes said Friday of playing isolation basketball. "It's just changing my game and just understanding where I'm going to get my shots now. I'm not going to be iso'd (isolated) on the post, iso'd on the elbow. It's going to be moving, cutting, some spot-up shots, that kind of stuff." Barnes, who saw his field goal percentage dip to 40 percent last season while taking tough shots, dedicated his offseason to simplifying his game at the behest of Kerr and his assistants. "Part of what we're trying to talk to him about is just move the ball on, don't play in a crowd," Kerr said. "If you feel an extra defender, just move the ball on and pass. And if you can do that and get the ball moving two or three times, you're more likely to have an open shot. But you have to trust the offense and trust your teammates." And if Barnes can get easier looks at the basket as Kerr emphasizes transition offense? "That'd make the rim a lot bigger," Barnes said.