Titus Young is an ex-Lion. Fact. Titus Young wasted a huge opportunity. Fact. The Titus Young pick was a mistake. Fact. Martin Mayhew deserves tons of criticism for the Young pick. Fiction, to a certain degree. The tale of Titus Young’s Detroit career is a short one, but it does not lack complexity. As we look back on the facts, it is clear that drafting Titus Young was a huge mistake, but hindsight is 20/20. Just because it is now very clear that Titus is a horse’s hindquarters, doesn’t mean the Lions were negligent. I pulled all my notes and research from the 2011 NFL draft, a few different websites’ scouting reports as well as my recorded copies of NFL Network and ESPN’s coverage and started digging into what information was available on Titus. Here is what I found: Walterfootball.com: Titus Young appears to be the next in a growing list of game-changing deep threats. Adding to his value, he carried the ball 47 times and scored on eight of those efforts. He also handled kickoff return duties. Issues surrounding his 2008 suspension from the team will need to be addressed. Most teams will take the chance because Young can be dangerous is so many different ways. Player comparison: DeSean Jackson. Young's dominant performance in Senior Bowl practices drew comparisons to Jackson. He is actually a little taller and not quite as quick on his first step, but he is every bit as capable of burning a defense deep. His return threat mostly comes on kickoffs although he could also return punts as a pro.