Kevin Martin blamed himself, calling his performance "horrible." His critique was harsh, charging that he had played as if the Rockets' 104-95 loss Monday in Orlando was the first game of his career rather than the belated season opener for one of the NBA's most reliable scorers. Rockets coach Kevin McHale was not nearly so critical. Martin had made just one of 10 shots, but McHale said they were good, open looks, the sort he wants Martin to launch. When they spoke to each other Tuesday, they agreed about what needed to be done. "My game is not necessarily calling plays; it's moving without the ball and keeping defenses on their toes," Martin said. "It's a new system. I'm getting used to (McHale); he's getting used to me. That was a prime example last night. "I was too much playing like Kyle Korver and Jason Kapono, those types of players. That's not really my style. I didn't even know that player I was (Monday) night." During the Magic game, teammates repeatedly urged Martin to keep shooting, and when it ended, they were certain his off night was a one-game blip.