Packers tight end Martellus Bennett is pretty darn good at his primary job -- he has the sixth-most receiving yards among all tight ends since 2012 -- but he might be even better at his other non-football jobs. On Saturday, Bennett released a design plan for his Houston-based theme park, which will be called MartyLand Adventure Park. It looks awesome. "I know I say this a lot, but this will be a dream come true," Bennett wrote in the photo caption. "There's a few areas that you can't see in these photos that are going to be bananas. Growing up in Houston as a kid one I loved @nasa and always wanted to go to outer space and I did that often on the playground. So naturally this park has a space theme. I can't wait to start taking all the kids in my hometown on a great space adventure in own creative way. I'll share more info as things progress. Look out @elonmusk, @theimaginationagency has joined the race to space ..." Bennett has never stuck to just football. As Forbes' Madeline Berg detailed last year, Bennett has written a children's book, founded The Imagination Agency, and designed an interactive app, among other endeavors outside of football.