When his sixth three-pointer splashed through the net near the end of the third quarter of the Washington Wizards’ 127-105 victory over the Phoenix Suns, Martell Webster skipped back on defense, arms swinging along, carefree, as he rocked side to side. When his seventh three-pointer dropped at the start of the fourth period, Webster ran back down the court and began to shrug his shoulders like Michael Jordan during the 1992 NBA Finals when he looked over and saw his Wizards teammates waving towels, laughing and hooting on the bench. Webster has been one of the NBA’s most consistent marksmen from beyond the three-point line this season, but he had never been better than Saturday night against a Suns team that rarely stepped out to contest any of his shots, giving him ample time and space to have the best night of his professional career. After scoring a career-high 34 points, Webster again honored his favorite NBA player growing up by lacing up another pair of Jordan’s shoes, as he often does, win or lose.