Media Day often becomes notorious for the things players say. This year, Media Day could be significant for the things players don’t say. Or, more accurately, a player who chooses to say nothing. According to Mike Silver of NFL Network, Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch claims to be considering not showing up for the annual spectacle, which is mandatory for all players and coaches for both Super Bowl teams. Technically, Lynch was still deciding what to do when he spoke at length to Silver last week. And it sounds as if Lynch was leaning toward showing up, but not saying much. “If you’re forced to do something, it’s not as good as if you choose to do it,” Lynch told Silver. “So no, I won’t have a lot of interesting things to say. When you’re forced to do something and you know it, it kind of just takes away from the whole experience of what it could be if [it were] natural. So, I’ll probably give forced answers.” It would be smart for Lynch to show up, even if he doesn’t say much. Fined $50,000 for a season’s worth of stiff-arming the media in Seattle, the league agreed to suspend the penalty as long as he complies with the policy regarding media availability going forward. If he once again violates it, he’ll be fined the original $50,000 — and another $50,000. The problem for Lynch on Tuesday comes from the duration of the availability. Unlike a post-game press conference, during which he can give perfunctory answers to a handful of questions, he’ll be subject to the press for a full hour.