Marshawn Lynch is a different type of cat, and that’s a good thing in this world of fake people and agendas. Lynch walks by the beat of his own drum, so it’s no shock that in a The MMQB column about Richard Sherman, it was revealed that Lynch told Seahawks teammates before the season began that he was going to retire if Seattle won the Super Bowl. At 4:08 a.m., Sherman is on his feet. The celebration continues to roar upstairs, and Sherman wants to see at least a portion of the concert. Ashley helps him up, hands him his crutches and holds his drink. He gets to the elevator just as Lynch and a half dozen of his friends pour in, stumbling like children run amok. Lynch is still stiff and cool, still wrapped in the same face-warmer, hoodie up. Lynch has been telling teammates all season he’ll retire if they win the Super Bowl. Sherman doesn’t believe him. In the lobby upstairs, they put their heads together and Lynch whispers something inaudible through the mask. Sherman laughs and screams, “You reneged!” Fans at the concert see Sherman and begin sloppily chanting, “L-O-B! L-O-B!” He leaves Lynch, sticks his crutches under his arms and disappears into the crowd. The night is not over yet. I doubt Lynch has given any thought to retiring.