In recent weeks Miami Marlins outfielder Christian Yelich has made it no secret he wants to be traded. The club has already moved Giancarlo Stanton, Dee Gordon, and Marcell Ozuna in cost-cutting moves, leaving them with a bare-bones roster plus Yelich. He's not happy about it. The Marlins don't have to trade Yelich. He's much more affordable than Stanton and Gordon -- Yelich is owed $29.25 million from 2018-20 with cheap club options for 2021 and 22 -- and he's has three more years of control than Ozuna. If the Marlins trade Yelich, they could net a huge return. It wouldn't be a salary dump. The Marlins, despite the rocky start to the Bruce Sherman/Derek Jeter era, know Yelich is extremely valuable. That's why, according to Hall of Fame journalist Peter Gammons, the team asked the Atlanta Braves for No. 1 prospect Ronald Acuna in trade talks. Needless to say, talks didn't go very far. "The Marlins told the Braves, look it, we'll do a three or four or five for one (trade), but Ronald Acuna has to be in it no matter who the second player (is)," said Gammons during a recent MLB Network appearance. "That's one guy the Braves are not going to trade."