The football season is here, but I'm not done with baseball yet. Talking heads and basement bloggers still are trying to sell the UFC and MLS as a much more noble pursuit than Major League Baseball. Still not buying it. And the NFL preseason rehash, prehash, post-hash feels more like an assault than an attempt to educate and entertain. (Yep, first game, Packers at Seahawks on Sept. 4. Got it.) Look, everyone here at The Heat Index headquarters is well-respected for their football knowledge, but lately I have become bored even listening to myself talk about it. (One of the headlines across the digital universe today? Michael Sam's shower habits: Is he intentionally avoiding his teammates to give them space?) So it's baseball today. The best of the National League. Last season, the best was Andrew McCutchen, followed closely by the Diamondbacks' Paul Goldschmidt. It's too bad an injury sucked the last bit of national interest in the Diamondbacks. Goldschmidt is every bit the humble superstar who could have been approaching 40 home runs with a .300 batting average at this point. He should be celebrated, but he's out for the year, and Diamondbacks fans already have finished their scouting of the organization's prospects. Die-hards likely have the 2015 and 2016 batting orders figured out.