Spring training finally looked like real baseball Monday at Miami Marlins camp. Sort of. Pitchers and batters faced off for the first time in live batting practice, but mostly it was a getting-acquainted session. Hitters were doing more window shopping than swinging. "We're not trying to swing out of our shoes," Giancarlo Stanton said. "Just get the timing. If we want to swing at one or two, do it. That's it." The first big non-event of spring was more notable for onlookers than the participants. The highlight was Stanton facing No. 1 prospect Jose Fernandez in a pseudo-showdown of Marlins present vs. Marlins future. But it was a fireworks display with unlit fuses. Stanton only swung at one of the 10 pitches from Fernandez, sending a bouncer to the right side. The slugging right-fielder was impressed by what he saw from the kid.