Miami Marlins CEO and co-owner Derek Jeter’s desire to remove the home-run sculpture that sits in the outfield of Marlins Park could be thwarted by Red Grooms, the artist who designed it. According to a Miami Herald report, a Miami-Dade county official has indicated the artist who designed the $2.5 million sculpture has to effectively sign off on its removal per an agreement reached when public financing of Marlins Park was approved in 2009. Grooms plays a central role in Jeter’s stealth request to remove the seven-story sculpture titled “Homer,” which the county commissioned for the 2012 opening of the tax-funded ballpark in Little Havana. Grooms is a friend of former Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria, who recommended the renowned pop artist to provide the public artwork Miami-Dade required as part of the team’s 2009 deal for nearly $400 million in public financing. The removal of “Homer” comes with significant, not to mention costly, ramifications for the county if Grooms decided to “disavow” the 72-foot sculpture upon its removal, as it “would force Miami-Dade to mark down the value of the county-owned sculpture to virtually nothing.” That would amount to a $2.5 million loss for the county.