A few weeks back, new Miami Marlins owner Derek Jeter said he would be OK if a player knelt during the national anthem. On Tuesday, while speaking at the Fast Company Innovation Festival, Jeter expanded upon his remarks. Here's what he said: "I don't know what the league rules are, to be quite honest with you, because this is something that just came up last year, so I've been retired. It's unfortunate … everyone has their ways of doing peaceful protest … And as long as it's peaceful … if every protest was peaceful, the world would be a better place. Right? You may not necessarily agree with how someone is protesting, but as long as it's peaceful. Now saying that, would I kneel during the anthem? No, I don't think I would kneel during the anthem but everyone has their own personal choice. I think people have lost sight of the fact of what someone is protesting about, and they are focusing on how they're protesting, which is unfortunate. But it's an uncomfortable conversation; it's an uncomfortable conversation for a lot of people, and I don't know if anyone has the right answer." Basically, Jeter wouldn't kneel, but he points out that the focus has been misplaced, centered on how people are protesting rather than why.