The Miami Marlins are not likely to be heavy spenders heading into the remainder of the offseason. Given their massive trade-off of multiple high-salary players from earlier this offseason, this should come as no surprise. The Fish are looking to stay as budget as possible in filling out the remaining roster spots. But that does not mean that the team is not still interested in spending a little bit of money. According to Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald, the Fish have a few million remaining in their budget with which to acquire some relief pitchers to fill out their bullpen. The Marlins are sifting through the batch of unsigned free agent relievers as they focus on a bullpen that was looking rock solid this time a year ago but is now filled with holes. After signing Placido Polanco for $2.75 million, they still have a bit of leftover money from the Yunel Escobar trade with which to obtain an inexpensive relief arm or two. (Remember, after trading Escobar and his $5 million salary to the Rays last month, the Marlins vowed to re-invest that net savings in payroll.) Read more here: This is an interesting comment for a number of reasons. The fact that the Marlins "vowed" to re-invest the money they saved in trading Yunel Escobar to the Tampa Bay Rays has little predictive value in whether the Marlins actually do use the cash. The team has more than proven itself unreliable in its money-based decision-making; at any given moment, that re-investment plan may have gone down the drain quickly.