When a storm system covered Toronto with 2 inches of snow earlier this month, Patrick Marleau's four sons couldn't wait to test out the unfamiliar gift from Mother Nature. "Having spent all their lives in California, this was all new to them," Marleau said. "They couldn't wait to get out there and do snow angels." The move from San Jose to Toronto this offseason certainly has resulted in a different lifestyle for Marleau's sons, Landon, 10, Brody, 8, Jagger, 6, and Caleb, 2, with the approaching Canadian winter arguably the biggest change. Though a good dumping of snow is nothing new for Marleau, who grew up in Aneroid, Saskatchewan, his decision to leave the San Jose Sharks after 19 seasons and sign a three-year contract as an unrestricted free agent with the Toronto Maple Leafs on July 2 has brought a significant adjustment of its own. "For sure, it's been the travel," Marleau said. "It's been a lot different." A year ago, goalie Frederik Andersen went through the same transition after being traded by the Anaheim Ducks to the Maple Leafs. For teams on the West Coast like the Sharks and Ducks, road trips often are multicity, mile-gobbling journeys that involve changing time zones a handful of times. For players like Marleau and Andersen, this was a part of life in the Western Conference. As such, packing a suitcase in the East seems a much simpler task. Perhaps that's why Marleau and Andersen each broke into a mischievous grin earlier this week when the Maple Leafs' upcoming schedule, which features 14 of 18 games on the road beginning with a 2-1 shootout loss to the Florida Panthers on Wednesday, was brought up. Some local media outlets have portrayed the run as a grueling stretch. Marleau and Andersen certainly don't see it that way.