The Wizards strive to play a physical style on defense and no one epitomizes that more than power forward Markieff Morris. The guy has even taken issue with the term "'stretch-4,' saying he doesn't want to be called that because "it's soft." Morris likes to consider himself a tough player and his teammates follow his lead. "You've got to be [tough]," Morris said on the Wizards Tipoff podcast. "We're Death Row. That's a tough name and we stand by the product. That's how we feel about it. We can't be Death Row and come out and play soft." Morris started the 'Death Row' nickname last season in part because of the Wizards' goal to be one of the more physical teams in the league. They won't back down from confrontation and aren't afraid to mix it up. That motto has led to dustups with a host of teams. Depending on your definition of a rivalry, the Wizards have created quite a few of them. They have had beef with the Celtics, Warriors, Suns, Magic, Hawks and Bucks, plus minor incidents with other teams, all within roughly the last calendar year.