It was not pretty, but the Suns collected another win over a bad team, which is what good teams are supposed to do. It is hard to describe the Rudy Gay Experience live, which is why I feel for the writers of the Toronto Raptors (6-12) and sense a collective sigh of relief from the Memphis media contingent. Almost all by himself, Gay made this Phoenix Suns (11-9) come to life. From his off-balance jumpers, to making every offensive possession harder than it needs to be, all the way to one, two, no count it, THREE missed easy shots at the rim. Lay-ups and dunks have to go down for athletes like Gay, right? They did not tonight. This season Gay has been particularly inefficient on the offensive end (coming into tonight) taking 320 field goals to score 333 points. Tonight he went 15 from the field for 17 points in the loss. However, this was not the story of the game. Rudy Gay was one player that played his consistently inefficient brand of basketball, but the game was won in the paint. Before the game Coach Jeff Hornacek talked about the offensive rebounds and paint play not only as a key, but the key to the game. When the dust settled the Suns won the battle inside from offensive rebounds (+7), to second chance points (+5), and free-throw attempts (+7) against a team that thrives inside. Everybody went for them," Coach Hornacek on the rebounding dominance. "P.J. from the three spot pulls down 13 boards because he went after them. We boxed out. Again we are not a long team. Especially when Channing Frye and Miles Plumlee are not in the game." It was a team effort on the offensive glass with seven players with at least one offensive rebound for the game.