No moment was more a microcosm of the Braves’ crumbling fortunes and front-office dysfunction in the third season of their rebuild than the night in late August when deposed closer Jim Johnson blew an eighth-inning lead and then-president of baseball operations John Hart dressed down manager Brian Snitker. Shouting at him so loudly in the manager’s office that some players heard from the clubhouse. And perhaps nothing better exemplifies Nick Markakis and what he stands for than the veteran right fielder’s reaction upon hearing what Hart said to Snitker, who appeared almost ashen and uncharacteristically sullen minutes later when reporters entered the office, and really was never quite himself again the rest of the season. Markakis made it known, had the message sent up the chain, that if Hart ever treated the manager that way again that Markakis would, in so many words, kick his ass. This is not something that you will get Markakis to talk about, because the stoic 13th-year big leaguer doesn’t ever call attention to himself, or air out proverbial dirty laundry publicly, and prefers to look ahead, not back. But multiple others with knowledge of the situation confirm the account. Here’s all that Markakis said when asked Sunday in general terms about the way that Snitker was treated.