Get your (best high-quality throwing) popcorn kids: Mark Sanchez was named the Jets preseason Week 1 starter by Rex Ryan on Tuesday. But despite Sanchez -- who was recently booed ... in training camp ... by Jets fans -- getting the nod against the Lions during the preseason affair Rex also noted that Geno Smith could get some reps with the first team offense as well. "Mark will start the game" Rex said. "But we'll play Geno with the ones as well. And we'll keep that rotation going so they'll both get reps with the ones. Haven't really decided yet what the play time with the ones will be or snaps and all that." Ryan who's also got a running back competition to worry about noted that things are "even" between Sanchez and Smith. "It's been an even competition" Ryan said. "We've got rotating days and things like that. Certainly [Mark's] the incumbent. We'll see how it goes from here. It seemed like the natural thing to do." So here we go again? Ryan said that starting Sanchez "wasn't in concrete" but let's not forget that Sanchez has always been Ryan's guy. He's the one constant in Ryan's tenure in New York both for good and for bad.