It's kind of difficult to think about Mark Sanchez on any team other than the Jets. But he's a member of the Eagles now and he's determined to make the most of it. Despite the presence of Nick Foles as Philly's starter and Matt Barkley with a year under his belt, Sanchez thinks he can make a difference. He also said he's "just entering" the "prime" of his career and his shoulder injury last year could've been "a blessing in disguise." "Maybe this whole shoulder thing and relocation has just been a blessing in disguise," Sanchez said. "Maybe that year off was exactly what I needed. Got a little rest for my legs, for my arm, and I feel great." The whole "prime of my career" thing is pretty funny, mainly because Sanchez hasn't been that good for most of his career. But, technically speaking, he's correct. He's currently 27, which is the height of athletic ability for males. And while Foles is locked in as the starter, it's not like he's never missed time. Foles was out after suffering a concussion and he's not a lock as a top-10 quarterback in the NFL or anything. Sanchez isn't that far away from being under center in a Chip Kelly offensive system featuring a slew of talented players like LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin, Riley Cooper, Darren Sproles and more. Which is probably why he was so interested in Philly this offseason.