Veteran first baseman Mark Reynolds would like to return to the Rockies for a third season, and he can rattle off a number of reasons why it makes sense. But that doesn’t mean it’s a sure thing. For one thing, Reynolds made it clear Tuesday that he’s looking to sign a guaranteed, big-league deal. He came to spring training last year on a minor-league deal with Colorado, made the team and ended up earning $1.5 million. He had turned down a $3 million deal to play baseball in Korea. “I think I proved last year that I can produce and help a team,” Reynolds said. “I am looking to sign a major-league deal. … Things are different this year.” Last season, Reynolds, 34, hit .267 with 30 home runs and 97 RBIs in 148 games. Those 148 games were his most since playing 155 with Baltimore in 2011. His splits, however, were extreme. He batted .294 with 23 homers at Coors Field vs. .242 with seven homers on the road. Prior to the all-star break, he hit .284 with 19 homers vs. .243 with 11 homers after the break. Unless the Rockies make a trade or sign a veteran free agent, it’s quite possible that the Rockies could team rookie Ryan McMahon with Reynolds at first base, if Reynolds re-signs. That’s still a big if, and spring training opens in less than a month.