Packers president Mark Murphy met with the media to explain the decision to transition G.M. Ted Thompson to a role other than General Manager. Murphy described it as a joint decision made by him and Thompson. Murphy, who acknowledged on multiple occasions that Thompson had become a “lightning rod” among the fan base, also said there’s “no truth” to the report from Bob McGinn that the Board of Directors instructed Murphy to make the change. However, Murphy managed to avoid addressing the broader question of whether Thompson is having health issues that will keep him from performing the job at the appropriate level. The process started a year ago, Murphy explained, with Murphy and Thompson discussing what Thompson eventually would like to do. Thompson, who was conspicuously absent from the press conference even though he’ll remain the G.M. until a new one is hired, told Murphy that he’s a scout at heart. The conversation continued more recently, resulting in the decision to make a change.