SFBay.ca issued a pretty explosive report on Friday afternoon about former Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson: On April 29, 2013, Jason Collins announced to the world that he is gay. In February of this year, the Brooklyn Nets made Collins the first openly gay player in the NBA. During a shoot-around on a road trip before Collins signed, reporters asked then-Golden State Warriors Head Coach Mark Jackson his opinion of several big men as possible additions. After someone joked about the signing of former Warriors assistant coach Brian Scalabrine to a 10-day contract, Collins’ name was brought up. Jackson, according to a source close to the team, responded tersely: “Not in my locker room.” There’s more to the SFBay story, but some questions pop up immediately. In the third paragraph, reporters asked Jackson about available big men. Were reporters still present during the actions described in the fourth paragraph? Who joked about Scalabrine? Who brought up Collins? Who was the “source close to the team”? One would assume “close to the team” would rule out any of the players, since they are the team. SFBay reached out to two men who could be considered “close to the team,” President and COO Rick Welts (who came out in 2011) and Co-Executive Chairman, CEO and Governor Joe Lacob. That is, unless members of the front office are also considered members of the team. Either way, neither executive provided any answers.