Mark Jackson is a coach now, and his Warriors have been one of the NBA's surprises. Recently, he was an analyst, and he still is prone to making grand statements. Asked what Dwyane Wade looks like to him on tape these days, Jackson didn't hesitate. "He's a guy I love as a basketball fan," Jackson said. "To me, he's the third-best shooting guard to play the game. People think I'm crazy for saying that. And there's no disrespect to anybody else. The guy is a winner, he competes, he's an underrated passer, and we all know he can score the basketball." Jackson added — as you'd expect — that he has Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant first and second. Which raises an interesting debate: Who else would be in competition for that bronze spot on the shooting guard medal stand? Some names to consider: Jerry West, Clyde Drexler, George Gervin, Reggie Miller (though Ray Allen and Mitch Richmond actually posted better overall numbers in their primes) and, if you didn't consider him a point guard, Allen Iverson.