Saints running back Mark Ingram isn't currently scheduled to be a free agent until 2019, but that could change if he's able to trigger a clause in his contract that would make him a free agent following the 2017 season. As pointed out by the New Orleans Advocate, Ingram can actually become a free agent following this season if he's named to the Associated Press' All-Pro team. When Ingram signed his most recent deal with the Saints back in March 2015, the contract included several clauses that would potentially void the final year of his deal in 2018 if he was able to hit them. Ingram's four-year, $30 million deal stipulated that the final season would be eliminated if he were named to the Pro Bowl a total of two times during the contract or if he was named to the AP's All-Pro team in 2017. With the Pro Bowl clause no longer attainable, that means the only way Ingram could get his 2018 season voided is if he's named to the All-Pro team this year. If Ingram got the All-Pro nod, that would have major ramifications all around. For one, Ingram's 2018 contract season would void, which would instantly make him a free agent in March. That means he'd likely be getting a big raise over the $4 million in base salary he's scheduled to make with the Saints next season.