NCAA President Mark Emmert said Friday he'll recommend the approval of name, image and likeness (NIL) rights for collegiate student-athletes before July 1, which is when several states will have laws go into effect allowing players to accept NIL earnings.

"We need to get a vote on these rules that are in front of the members now," Emmert told Alan Blinder of the New York Times.

Concerns remain about the potential competitive disadvantages created by the differences between the state-mandated NIL laws and what's been proposed within the NCAA, though.

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey told Blinder he's continued to urge Congress to create a "coast-to-coast standard" that would ensure all collegiate programs have an even playing field.

"The inherent issue with the NCAA is its bylaw changes that were drafted don't go as far as some of the state laws, so you're still going to have tension around state laws and NCAA rules," Sankey said.