In the past, Mark Cuban has indicated an interest in running for president, including at a celebrity game during the NBA’s All-Star Weekend in February, when he playfully wore a jersey with the number “46” on it. In a podcast released Tuesday, the Dallas Mavericks owner was more direct about his aspirations, saying that he is indeed “considering” a campaign for the White House. Cuban was appearing on the podcast of Bakari Sellers, an attorney and former South Carolina congressman, and the two began by discussing topics such as Puerto Rico’s humanitarian crisis, net neutrality, health care and possible conflicts in being president while still holding business interests. That led to Sellers asking his guest, “Are you considering running for president of the United States?” “Yes,” Cuban quickly replied. “Considering, yes. Ready to commit to it, no.” “If I can come up with solutions that I think people can get behind, and truly solve problems, then it makes perfect sense for me to run,” said the 59-year-old Cuban. “If it comes down to, do I think I can win because I can convince more people to vote for me? Then no, I won’t run.”