Cuban offered little insight about general manager Gersson Rosas’ abrupt departure on the eve of the season, after just three months on the job. When the hiring was announced, Cuban said he felt it was important to add a voice to the front office. To hear Cuban on Wednesday, however, it seems Rosas was here on a trial basis. “He kind of had the opportunity to stay 90 days, see what happened,” Cuban said. “He made his choice. I wish him the best. He’s a good guy.” In a statement Tuesday, Rosas said it simply was not a good fit, and that the choice to leave was his. In most pro sports organizations, the general manager position is high profile, but Cuban indicated that Rosas was a GM in title only. “I’m not big on titles,” Cuban said. “That was the title he wanted. I pretty much let people pick their title.” Cuban said he won’t hire a replacement for Rosas. Asked whether president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson will assume Rosas’ duties, Cuban said, “They were already his. It was more about [Rosas] doing complementary things.”