If there is a positive bit of fallout from the Mavericks' 2-10 start, it's that you can still get a relatively cheap ticket to see LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers on Saturday night. The Mavericks' sellout streak continues, and Mark Cuban said again recently what he's maintained for the past couple of seasons: "By hook or crook," the streak will go on. Despite the Mavericks' on-court performances, American Airlines Center has been pretty full for most home games thus far. There are a certain number of season-ticket holders who simply don't show up for garden-variety games. But in the upper deck, where there are 4,000 single-game tickets for every game priced at $19 or less, the seats have been fuller than you'd expect for a struggling team. "Considering our record and the crowds we've had, it's been great," Cuban said. Cuban said Thursday that $19-and-under tickets remain for the Cavaliers' game. There are tickets in other price ranges, too. In addition, there are scattered single tickets for $10 in the upper bowl and $30 in the lower bowl. And those singles are only available at the box office before the game, Cuban said.